Expect to play the PS5 Twitter game for a long time.

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This week, that the PS5 shortage is expected to last into 2022, far beyond what any gamer could have imagined as the consoles launched late last year.

The report is a secondhand account, citing that Sony’s CFO expects that demand for the PS5 will remain high, and that supply isn’t expected to match those same levels during the course of 2021.

This development is the latest in the saga of scarce high-end technology products, thanks to a global semiconductor shortage, the logistics of buying a PS5 has been harder than for any other console launch in history. The…

Why the Switch has won the hearts of gamers of all kinds.

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I arrived late to the Nintendo Switch party. I was one of the pandemic buyers, purchasing the new hardware as a shared gift with a significant other as a way to branch out in our escapism: Animal Crossing for her, Breath of the Wild for me. I had heard the praises for the Switch since its release, biding my time before I bought. But for the last eight years, I’d cemented myself as a PlayStation gamer. I’d poured time and money into the ecosystem and it suited me very nicely. …

Apex Legends is huge, and it’s only getting bigger

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends recently hit a massive milestone; 100 million active players over the lifetime of the game. The two years that have built to this moment cement Apex as one of the biggest names in the Battle Royale space, alongside Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone (with the latter also hitting 100 million players on April 20th).

Considering the history of the game itself, it’s quite a feat. Launching quietly, without fanfare in February of 2019, Apex was lauded for its excellent movement and wonderful introduction of different playable characters in the battle royale space. But it wasn’t…

And why you might want to too.

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Despite the irrefutable advantages of electronics versus their less advanced counterparts, there are certain positives to so-called ‘lower tech’ tools versus their silicon-laden cousins. We all know that moving parts have more of an opportunity to break, but they’re often easier to fix. There’s something almost indescribably satisfying about a well designed hardware product or an elegant mechanical system that is difficult to replicate on a screen. Sometimes tactile beats out bleeding edge technology.

One such category that I’ve recently come to appreciate is everyday and at-the-ready notetaking and journaling. Once you get over your disinterest in picking up a…

Will Bethesda games be exclusive to Xbox now?


After months of inevitability, , the parent company of Bethesda Softworks. One of the biggest acquisitions in gaming. Bethesda is a long heralded game developer known for bringing to life fantastic RPGs. There’s a fanatical fanbase behind Bethesda games and most gamers find themselves gravitating to at least one of Bethesda’s RPG entries.

That’s not even to mention the incredible critical success of games that aren’t quite as well known outside of the gaming community like Dishonored and Wolfenstein. …

The tragic irony of the availability of widespread information.

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The internet has long been a place for massive amounts of information. A great encyclopedia for information on everything that humans have been able to learn. A place where we can keep our shared consciousness outside of written words on physical pages or verbal stories shared between people.

And yet, despite all of the valid information that remains available for consumption on the internet, there exists a massive pile of misinformation and disinformation. We’ll talk about misinformation first.

Misinformation is factually false information. It’s knowledge that is developed and shared which doesn’t exist exclusively in the realm of truth. Misinformation…

How the internet continues to be a wealth of knowledge for those who seek it.

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In one of my final classes in college, I remember a professor urging us all to continue to learn as we stepped outside of the world of structure and into the world of day jobs. He urged us to find something we enjoyed doing rather than something we just accepted as a professions that will carry us through our lives. I suppose it’s the job of the educator to promote continued education, but the impact it had on me was lasting. …

Why games are a unique form of entertainment.

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Video games have been, for quite a while now, a popular medium for expression. But the age-old question always arises: are they art? Hundreds of years after painting and sculpting survived this debate, and decades after film and TV weathered it, video games are the newest form of entertainment to barge through years of preconceived notions to convince the world that they belong in the same realms as the aforementioned media.

With a solid foothold in the world of popular culture, it’s not a question of if, but rather when video games will be accepted into the same echelon of…

How a decade of anticipation was destined to lead to disappointment. And how it’s even worse than that.

V stands, gazing out at Night City in CD Projekt’s latest title: Cyberpunk 2077. A dystopian, futuristic RPG.
V stands, gazing out at Night City in CD Projekt’s latest title: Cyberpunk 2077. A dystopian, futuristic RPG.
Cyberpunk 2077 — Techradar

Cyberpunk 2077 was released across the world on Thursday, December 10th. A game that was originally revealed to be in development by CD Projekt in 2012, the game rose to immeasurable levels of promise following a wildly ambitious demo that was shown behind closed doors to members of the press at E3 2018 and released to the public shortly thereafter. The 48-minute long demo gave viewers a glimpse into Night City and V’s story that lived within it. In the following years, the game has only deepened consumers’ enthusiasm for the end product. A few more gameplay demos and a…

How Android is slipping in one of its cornerstones.

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“Be together. Not the same.” Android’s fleeting motto in an ad campaign that ran a couple of years ago really spoke to me. As a longtime Android-user and iPhone-dismisser, my reasoning for sticking to the operating system was so succinctly summed up in just five words. It was an outright jab at a company that’s known for restricting its users’ ability to alter the way their devices function. It was also a celebration for the operating system, reminding its users that although they didn’t converse via blue bubbles, they were still one diverse community.

To me, the “Be together. Not…

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